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NEXGEN P-Pod provides a portable toilet calculator to help customers determine the right number of units needed for their construction sites, events or any situation that requires portable toilets. The calculator draws from our extensive experience to calculate the precise number of toilets that would suffice for any given event or situation.


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Common examples

Portable Toilets Needed For a Wedding

For outdoor weddings, many people wonder how many portable toilets they need, especially if alcohol is being served. It’s important to consider the increased need for restrooms in these cases, with a general guideline of one portable toilet per 50 guests. To accommodate guests of all abilities, ADA-compliant portable toilets are often the preferred option for weddings due to their spacious design. Please note *ADA is optional but suggested for any event so you can accommodate everyone including families, the elderly or anyone with

limited mobility, and 1 ADA per 20 toilets is suggested. 

Portable Toilets Needed for Construction Sites

To comply with OSHA regulations and ensure the health and safety of workers on construction job sites, the number of portable toilets needed is based on the number of employees. The guidelines are as follows:


One toilet for up to 10 employees


 It is recommended that construction portable toilets be cleaned once a week due to high usage. In cases where weekly cleaning is not feasible, renting additional toilets is recommended. NEXGEN P-Pod calculator takes OSHA regulations and local ordinances into account, and their account representatives can help identify applicable guidelines in your area.

NexGen P-Pod Construction and Events Solutions

NexGen P-Pod takes the guesswork out of determining how many portable toilets you need, whether it’s for weddings, construction sites, or outdoor festivals. With our accurate calculations, you can quickly get a suggested number of portable toilets in just a few minutes. Contact us for a free quote and ensure that you have the right number of toilets to meet your needs.

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